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No 1 – Becoming more aware of your body

Learn to take more notice of your body and its particular rhythms.

Women’s health is characterised by the ebb and flow of our monthly cycles and this sits within the bigger cycle of life from puberty to menopause. We expect things to be a certain way, have certain symptoms and believe that we will experience these to some degree – some of us may suffer more than others – that just how it is.

But how do you know what is normal? You need to fully explore or diagnose troublesome symptoms, because it is important to rule out or know about underlying medical issues so they can be properly addressed. You need to be aware of your body and its rhythms.

Your hormones don’t just affect your monthly cycles but are also involved in:

Energy levels, weight gain, where you store fat (hips or belly), sleep patterns, moods,  your ability to manage stress and the strength of your immune system. Hormone imbalance is at the root of most serious illnesses including diabetes, hypothyroid , adrenal exhaustion, auto-immune disease and cancer.

If you don’t know where you are starting from, how do you know which direction to go in?

ACTION: start to keep a journal or diary

in which you record the following:
-your symptoms  – physical, mental and emotional (e.g. abdominal cramps, inability to concentrate or feeling down etc)
-the severity of those symptoms – maybe score them 0-10
-where you are in your cycle (if you know)
-the foods and drinks you consume and when you have them
-significant events in your day (e.g. stressful day at work, argument with partner, visit to the gym)

When you start doing this you will see patterns and cycles which are individual for you. Hopefully you will have a much clearer idea on how hormone imbalance is affecting you and what areas you need to address.

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