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What is it?

The Nutriclean program is a 2 week program using dietary changes and nutritional supplements to support a therapeutic detox. The aim of the program is to improve or remove unpleasant symptoms of poor health. This is a product from Nutri Advanced – a leading supplier of therapeutic nutritional supplements.

What’s different about this program?

Detox is a trendy topic at the moment, and to most people it simply means removing perceived unhealthy food from your daily diet. There appears to be a common view that a period of abstinence after a period of indulgence (e.g. Christmas or a holiday) will reverse the wrongs, lose the excess weight etc. Indeed, the main reason that many people go on a ‘detox’ is usually to lose weight.

However a true therapeutic detox is much more than that.

Toxicity settles in the body tissues at a deep cellular level. Getting it out is a complicated two-stage process which requires energy and the right materials for the job. In order words you need the correct food intake and supporting supplements.

Simply cutting down on food and drink is not going to have the desired effect.

The NutriClean Programme offers a 14 day approach to address a vast array of health issues by using a specific supplement regime and targeted food plan. It is advocated that a therapeutic detox such as provided by this program can help cleanse the body, increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce symptoms of toxicity, clear the skin and aid weight loss while improving cellular health and mitochondrial function.

And what is so great about this program is that everything has been worked out for you. It comes as a ‘kit’ containing all the supplements and a comprehensive information pack containing all the information that is needed to carry out the programme – menus, shopping lists, recipes and schedule.

This program has been tried and tested by hundreds of nutritional therapists, including myself. The results continue to be impressive. In a recent run of the program, undertaken by 55 participants, the following results were demonstrated.

Weight: 84% of participants recorded a reduction in weight at the end of the 2 weeks. The average weight loss was 2.2kg (5 pounds). The largest weight loss was 6kg (13 pounds). Seven participants recorded their weight as staying the same.

BMI: 84% of participants recorded a reduction in BMI.

Waist: 78% lost centimetres off their waist with an average loss of 3.3cm.

Hips 75% lost centimetres off their hips with an average loss of 2.4cm. The largest loss was 7cm.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio 62% of participants recorded a reduction in waist-to-hip ratio.

MSQ Scores: 100% of participants recorded a reduction in symptoms at the end of the detox compared to at the beginning of the detox. There was an average reduction in overall score of 28. The highest drop in score recorded was 97. The score reduced from 120 to 23.

I generally follow this program twice a year.

Look out for future articles, where I shall describe my experiences and results.

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