How you can lose 7 lbs, gain more energy and feel cleaner and lighter in every way in just 2 weeks

March the 20th sees the arrival of the Spring equinox, which is an intensely energetic period. And, in terms of detoxification, this is one of the most powerful times of the year.

All living things are influenced by nature’s rhythms and cycles, such as the pull of the moon or the change of the seasons. During the Spring Equinox when we can use these powerful natural energies to boost our health. We will respond to these natural forces of the equinox by releasing toxicity from the cells. If you get this excess toxicity out of your body fully and effectively now, in the spring time, then you are far more likely to remain healthy for the rest of the year – making a spring detox the perfect time to cleanse.

Detox is a word that most people have heard of, but that few really understand.  The issue can be further confused by incorrect media coverage, stating it is either the best thing since sliced bread or as more often found in the press, a waste of time.

Detoxification is a natural physiological process used to rid the body of unwanted chemicals which are capable of harming the body system. The body has a sophisticated system of circulating fluids (blood and lymph) to pick up and transport toxins, and various organs, (including the liver, kidneys, and skin) which neutralise and excrete these toxins from the body. Your body is able to get rid of toxins by eliminating them through organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the gall-bladder, the lungs, the skin and for females the uterus.

But are our bodies able to keep up? In some cases, could we even be fighting a losing battle?  We see an ever increasing number of people with chronic conditions that have arisen because our bodies are unable to detoxify at an effective rate; at a greater level than the toxins arise.

We take for granted many health problems such as PMS, IBS and migraines as part and parcel of our daily lives, but detoxification can actually benefit these and many other problems, by addressing the underlying issue rather than reducing a mere symptom.  These are the very conditions that may be helped significantly by true naturopathic detoxification.

The proper naturopathic version of detoxification can be likened to the process of spring cleaning the house.  We can all go about the domestic chores of keeping the house in order and this can be likened to normal detoxification .  However, every now and again it gets on top of us.  So, we end up doing a full spring clean that will have us opening up drawers we rarely look in, rummaging in boxes in the attic, airing linen and opening the windows wide open to allow staleness and stagnation to be blown away.  Similarly, proper detoxification starts to release the accumulated toxins hidden away deep in the body’s fatty tissues, allowing full hydration, nourishment, nurture and adequate support for the body’s natural detoxification processes and elimination strategies.

There are several phases to detoxification. First the body must be able to have the space to respond to detoxification. So it is important to avoid adding any more toxins to an already burdened body by cutting out unhelpful foods, drink, drugs etc. Then we add in helpful nutrients which will assist the detoxification process. The body can then start to release the toxins from the cells and body tissues. This can be done slowly, e.g. by generally adopting a different diet, or more intensively such as with a juice fast. Once the toxins have been released from deep within they still need to exit from the body, otherwise they will continue to circulate and cause different problems. So we need to make sure that all toxins move from the cells to outside the body. So, further nutrients are required for these chemical processes. This is why simply not eating as a method of detoxification is not helpful, you need certain nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to facilitate the chemical processes of detoxification and elimination within the body.

The metabolic detox program which is based on the ‘Clean’ program from Nutri Advanced uses these principles.

A specific diet is followed which cuts out all known allergenic and toxic foods. Supplements are employed to support liver function, bowel cleansing and cellular detoxification.

Using such a program makes it easy to follow a detoxification regime which has been fully tested and is backed by scientific protocols.

Participants generally find that their Medical Symptoms score reduces significantly and that they lose several pounds at the same time. Issues such as fatigue, weight gain, allergies, headaches, sleeping patterns and breathing problems has all been successfully addressed.

I have done this program twice and my results were as follows:

MSQ halved from 22 to 11 / 100

Weight loss: 6 lbs

BMI: down 1.1

Waist: 3 cm

Hips: 2 cm