Harnessing the colour properties of essential oils – Part 1

Following on from the related post about the properties of colour and how they can help in healing this article is the first of two dealing with the use of essential oils based on their colour.

Part 1 will cover the lower end of the spectrum Red-Orange-Gold and Yellow

Red BaseEnergising, Stimulating, Warming,   Releasing, Provides stamina and strength, moves stagnant energy, aphrodisiacBenzoin, Patchouli, Vetiver
Orange(GoldSacralCreation, Joy and energyWisdomCedarwood, Rose, Jasmine
YellowSolar plexusEliminating, Inspiring, Intellect and   mind, DetachmentClary Sage, Fennel, Peppermint,   Petigrain, Rosemary

 Red Essential Oils:

  • Benzoin

This oil relates directly to the base chakra on which it has a strong energising effect. It is used to increase physical strength and energy.

At a therapeutic level it has a rejuvenating effect on the body. It warms the heart and circulation and eases general aches and pains

  • Patchouli

This oil has a very deep earthy aroma and is strongly associated with the base chakra. It provides a strengthening and grounding effect. Patchouli helps to ground and integrate energy and keep us in touch with our physical selves. It is also related to sex, money and physical energy. At a therapeutic level it is used as an anti-depressant where there is anxiety and stress related ailments.

  • Vetiver

Again this oil is used as a valuable earthing and grounding agent. It is useful for anybody who needs to be brought into closer contact with the earth to ground and centre their energies. At a general level it is balancing to the whole chakra system but specifically relates to the root chakra. It is also related to money and protection.

At a therapeutic level it is used to tranquillise and calm where there is anxiety and nervous tension.

Orange / Gold Essential Oils:

  • Cedarwood

Cedarwood helps us to develop and maintain a sense of balance and control in our lives. It has a strong life giving quality which helps to relieve anxiety and quell anger, irritation or fear. It “bucks up” the ego when we are feeling alienated or destabilised. It can also enhance spirituality and strengthen our connection with the divine. At a therapeutic level it is used for muscular complaints – arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasm etc.; mental complaints such as lethargy, nervous debilitation, poor concentration, exhaustion, anger and stress related complaints; urinary tract infections. In general it is used to fortify and strengthen.

  • Jasmine

In its subtle use Jasmine is related to love, peace, spirituality and sexuality. Jasmine is thought to develop the artistic senses and relates to an individual’s creativity. It is also related to the spiritulisation of sexual energy. It tends to stifle worries about tomorrow and to bring one into the present. At a therapeutic level it is used mainly for psychosomatic problems. It is good as a relaxant and an anti-depressant. It can also be useful for female conditions of Pre-Menstrual syndrome and Post-Natal depression. Jasmine is also useful for treating muscular rheumatism.

  • Rose  (Rosa Damascena)

Rose has an affinity with the sacral chakra in its effect upon creativity, sex and conception. It is a gentle aphrodisiac and facilitates creativity in all the arts. Like Jasmine it is also related to the spiritulisation of sexual energy and relationships. At a therapeutic level Rose is used for complaints related to the female reproductive system, as a cleansing agent and as an anti-depressant. It is very useful for stress-related conditions and psychological ailments.

Yellow Essential Oils:

  • Clary sage

As a therapeutic oil Clary sage can be used for skin disorders – particularly spots and boils; muscular stiffness, nervous tension – particularly a racing mind and panic attacks; and any stress related illnesses. It is also a relaxant, mild euphoric and aphrodisiac. It’s subtle use relates to dreaming, particularly to strengthen and encourage clear dreams. It is also good for changeable moods and indecision.

  • Fennel

Fennel can provide protection, particularly if it is rubbed over the solar plexus chakra. It unblocks the capacity for confident self expression. It stimulates the flow of Qi in the stomach and intestines. As a therapeutic oil it is used for the digestive system – colic, constipation, flatulence, nausea; for skin care – bruises and dull, oily skin; for circulatory conditions – oedema, rheumatism and cellulite.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint acts upon the ego,  dispelling pride. It also helps to overcome feelings of inferiority. It is also associated with cleanliness, both physical and mental. Peppermint is linked with the conscious mind and increases visual awareness. It illustrates colours more vividly. It can hold negative thoughts at bay.
Used therapeutically it is particularly good for mental stimulation, for aiding concentration when the mind is tired and for the relief of mild headaches. It can be of help to the digestive system for nausea, morning sickness, indigestion etc. It can be also be useful for itchy skin.

  • Petitgrain

Petigrain relates to the conscious, intellectual mind and should be used when mental clarity is required. It can be used to sharpen the thought processes and clear mental cobwebs. At a therapeutic level it can be mentally uplifting, it relieves anxiety and lethargy. It can also be useful for combating insomnia and nervous headaches.